The evolution of the agile organisation

Old dogs. Ingenious new tricks.

Across industries, organisations are facing unprecedented disruption. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology-based innovation and evolving customer expectations were driving change at incredible pace, highlighting the value of organisational agility.

Whereas ‘Agile’ is about running individual projects in a new way, organisational agility is about extending those principles across the entire enterprise to drive better all-round and commercial performance. This is agility as a culture, a mindset and an operating model – an entirely different way of running your business.

And as the speed of change continues to accelerate, agile organisations are succeeding over their competitors. Our research shows that the top 10 per cent of businesses by financial performance are almost 30 per cent more likely to display agile characteristics.

Why old dogs need to learn ingenious new tricks

Our two reports examine the five dimensions of organisational agility – and the secrets to delivering them at scale.

How we can help

We believe agility is the only way to run your business. This level of organisational change calls for the right approach to shifting processes and ways of working. We work with you to understand the big questions around such a change.

We then collaborate with your teams to embed our approach to organisational agility, which we’ve proven at over 100 global organisations. It covers all the aspects necessary to success, including leadership, culture, HR, sourcing, business design and strategy.

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